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Simple Ways to Save Heat in Our Homes and Apartments – Financial Portal

Winter is coming, and we will be forced to heat our houses or flats. As you can guess, raising the room temperature is a considerable expense for us. It is worth doing everything to save heat, and what is related to it, to pay smaller bills.

Many people think that when we live in new, often insulated buildings, we can not save heat. Meanwhile, this is not true and we can still look for ways to pay less for our bills. As you can guess, the most heat will be lost when there is direct contact between our rooms and the “outside world”. Of course, we are not talking about holes in the walls, because we probably never meet with them. This is primarily about any leaks, especially in our windows and doors. It is through such leaks that we lose the most heat and money. Therefore, if our windows are old, why not think about replacing them? Of course, this involves costs, but in the long run, these costs will certainly be refunded to us, because we will pay lower heating bills. The windows can also be “sealed” thanks to the installation of shutters, which we will close at night when the temperature drops the most.

The airing of individual rooms is also a significant issue. It’s best to do it with the radiators turned off. Weathering should be “intense”, i.e. we open windows and provide air in large quantities, but for a short period of time. It makes no sense to keep the window a few centimeters away for an hour, because then the warm air from our rooms will escape outside.

We should know that the ideal temperature for our health is 21 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there is no sense in raising it beyond this level, because firstly it will not positively affect our body, and secondly it will be associated with higher costs, because our radiators will need more energy to meet our requirements . And as you know, energy costs. It is also worth to supply these radiators with thermostats. We can then regulate the temperature in individual rooms and if we stay rare in any of them, we can slightly “turn” the radiator in it.

Of course, the type of radiators and their location are also extremely important. New plate radiators, they do not have much water, so you can heat it up faster, which makes the savings on the energy consumed are very large. Also in this case, it is worth considering whether replacing old radiators with new ones will not be profitable for us. The placement of radiators is also extremely important in terms of costs. They work best in places where the greatest heat losses occur. They should therefore be mounted on external walls and under windows. According to specialists, installing a heater on the inner wall reduces its performance by 10%, which is a large loss on a yearly basis, which translates into a specific amount on our accounts.


As you can easily guess, a lot of heat energy “worked out” by the radiator will be lost when we set it down with some piece of furniture or long curtains. Losses can reach up to 20% here. Behind the radiators, it is also worth installing reflector screens, thanks to which we can save up to 4% of energy. An important thing in heating is also maintaining adequate humidity in the rooms. The lower it is, the easier it is to warm the room. And let’s not forget about revealing curtains on sunny days. In this way, we will be able to use the free solar energy a bit.

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