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Get Financial Security In Case Of Unemployment



Unemployment can hit everyone. Many Danes believe that they will never lose their jobs, and many even believe that unemployment is the result of poor work ethic. But the real picture is more nuanced than that. Few people want to lose their jobs, and in many cases the circumstances force them into unemployment. Bankruptcies, cuts, economic crises and automation are phenomena that one as an employee cannot predict or counteract. This is not helped by the fact that such phenomena often occur suddenly. This means that the workers do not have the opportunity to prepare in time – ie before the accident is out. The only way you can really secure your financial situation in the event of unemployment is to expect and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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Trade unions can offer legal assistance


It is a good idea to be a member of a union, even though your job security is high. First of all, the trade unions are responsible for helping you with issues at work. Therefore, you also benefit from a union while you are in work. In addition, the unions can help you with the legal problems in the event of unemployment. If your former employer does not comply with the rules, the union may conduct a lawsuit on your behalf.

In addition, a trade union also helps you get back into the labor market. If you have had the same job for many years, it can be difficult to be job seekers. In this case, the union can help you write job applications, prepare for a job interview, and help you find your next dream job. In addition, many unions offer a number of extra offers to help you expand your network when you are unemployed. In short, a union is a good way to secure yourself at your current place of work, but also a sensible way to get back to work quickly in the event of unemployment.

A-boxes give you financial help

A-boxes give you financial help

If you were to become unemployed, you will receive either unemployment benefit or cash benefits. You receive unemployment benefits if you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund and you receive cash benefits if you do not have a salary insurance or are not a member of an unemployment fund. If you are considering dropping the a-box to save some money then consider this one more time. The cash assistance is very low compared to unemployment benefits, and you have significantly less freedom if you are in the cash benefit system. In addition, the cash assistance ceiling means that other financial services, such as child allowance, housing benefit and the like, are reduced after a period of cash benefits. Therefore, if you want to be financially secure, you should be a member of an A-box, so you have a reasonable daily allowance that you can fall back on in case of unemployment.

Insure your salary with a paycheck

Insure your salary with a paycheck

The problem with unemployment benefits is that the rate is too low compared to your living situation. Even though the unemployment benefit rate is higher than the cash benefit, this amount is still much lower than your wage income. It can therefore have serious consequences for your entire family if a person comes on a daily allowance. If you suddenly only get half the income you usually receive monthly, it can be difficult to pay for house, car and children. In such cases, you can get a paycheck. This is an insurance where you are guaranteed to get a percentage of your income over a period of time. You choose how long this period should be and how much of your salary you want to receive. Therefore, these insurance policies are extremely flexible. If you want to know more, see how you can insure your salary or read about the different types of insurance .





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