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Unemployment can hit everyone. Many Danes believe that they will never lose their jobs, and many even believe that unemployment is the result of poor work ethic. But the real picture is more nuanced than that. Few people want to lose their jobs, and in many cases the circumstances force them into unemployment. Bankruptcies, cuts, economic crises and automation are phenomena that one as an employee cannot predict or counteract. This is not helped by the fact that such phenomena often occur suddenly. This means that the workers do not have the opportunity to prepare in time – ie before the accident is out. The only way you can really secure your financial situation in the event of unemployment is to expect and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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Trade unions can offer legal assistance


It is a good idea to be a member of a union, even though your job security is high. First of all, the trade unions are responsible for helping you with issues at work. Therefore, you also benefit from a union while you are in work. In addition, the unions can help you with the legal problems in the event of unemployment. If your former employer does not comply with the rules, the union may conduct a lawsuit on your behalf.

In addition, a trade union also helps you get back into the labor market. If you have had the same job for many years, it can be difficult to be job seekers. In this case, the union can help you write job applications, prepare for a job interview, and help you find your next dream job. In addition, many unions offer a number of extra offers to help you expand your network when you are unemployed. In short, a union is a good way to secure yourself at your current place of work, but also a sensible way to get back to work quickly in the event of unemployment.

A-boxes give you financial help

A-boxes give you financial help

If you were to become unemployed, you will receive either unemployment benefit or cash benefits. You receive unemployment benefits if you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund and you receive cash benefits if you do not have a salary insurance or are not a member of an unemployment fund. If you are considering dropping the a-box to save some money then consider this one more time. The cash assistance is very low compared to unemployment benefits, and you have significantly less freedom if you are in the cash benefit system. In addition, the cash assistance ceiling means that other financial services, such as child allowance, housing benefit and the like, are reduced after a period of cash benefits. Therefore, if you want to be financially secure, you should be a member of an A-box, so you have a reasonable daily allowance that you can fall back on in case of unemployment.

Insure your salary with a paycheck

Insure your salary with a paycheck

The problem with unemployment benefits is that the rate is too low compared to your living situation. Even though the unemployment benefit rate is higher than the cash benefit, this amount is still much lower than your wage income. It can therefore have serious consequences for your entire family if a person comes on a daily allowance. If you suddenly only get half the income you usually receive monthly, it can be difficult to pay for house, car and children. In such cases, you can get a paycheck. This is an insurance where you are guaranteed to get a percentage of your income over a period of time. You choose how long this period should be and how much of your salary you want to receive. Therefore, these insurance policies are extremely flexible. If you want to know more, see how you can insure your salary or read about the different types of insurance .





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Recruiting Credit – We Raised the Money http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/04/08/recruiting-credit-we-raised-the-money/ http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/04/08/recruiting-credit-we-raised-the-money/#respond Mon, 08 Apr 2019 10:39:36 +0000 http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/04/08/recruiting-credit-we-raised-the-money/


I usually do not like raising money for clients in the first month, because we do not yet know how much money we will need and I know it is not good to come to the bank frequently and try to raise large sums. This indicates a lack of seriousness and lack of control over the situation ,
And undermines the Bank’s confidence in the customer.

This time it was different to my surprise.



A client came in, a serious man with a business in the field of execution.
Performance is characterized by poor payment ethics.
The term flooding is apparently invented on this field.

The customer made an excellent impression on me, a reliable and serious person who would be happy to work with.
We started the escort and everything looked great, even before he reached us
He quickly built an excellent business that knows how to bring work and carry it to the customer’s satisfaction.

He had already reached turnover of several million shekels a year and when he came he told me that he thought the financial component was beginning to weigh on him, that he did not understand it and he had the feeling that his growth was beginning to make a mess in finance.

Well, we started collecting data as we always do at the beginning of the escort
And after a total of three days, suddenly a bang,
Nothing prepared me for the urgent phone call:
“Rotem, listen, I have to organize 600,000 shekels in two weeks.”

I told myself how it might have been that he had not told us.
It turns out that he had a check that was deducted by the bank
And amounts he was supposed to receive from customers,
Were rejected in a month, so from the moment to relax.

Since it came to us without a financial system and with poor risk management
He was not protected by the bank for such a move.

I immediately sent him to talk to the bank to understand our situation
And whether the bank will be willing to defer repayment of the loan
Or at least deploy it for a long period.

Because this is really a very reliable and honest man
You hoped the bankers would locate the request.
But … they said: “Really, no.”

The client who was indeed with excellent business success
But weak against the banks, very stressed.
The truth is that I, too, was stressed
To raise immediately, especially when the bank that knows the customer,
Not interested in getting involved.

From there I made several calls and within an hour
A real battle procedure took about 10 days.
Fortunately for the client we found money in provident funds,
It was good that he was an employee before he opened the business
We have organized a portfolio of several loans in total
Of NIS 200,000 and at low interest rates.

At the same time we began the difficult process of
To open an account in a new bank that does not know the customer
And try to raise the missing NIS 400,000 from him.
This operation does not just bring within a few days such an amount
From a new bank.

It was impossible to take action against the funds that provide credit,
Since it takes at least a month for the money to be seen.
So as you understand, time did not stand in our favor,
But the impression the customer leaves with everyone
Who spoke to him and a quick reflection of the excellent business situation, actually worked pretty well and helped us open the door and get the protection from the new bank that entered the game.

About three days before the fateful date, we all breathed a sigh of relief, the feeling was good.
We would have relinquished all this pleasure,
The client had spent two weeks from hell, he did not know what cash flow problems were and experienced them first in a boom.
In one moment he went into a spin and a set of pressures he had never known, and it was one that had gone through some things in life.

Certainly an unpleasant situation that many people experience as part of their daily routine and for years.

So guys, it’s true that sometimes it works, but I recommend that everyone get ahead of it, build a financial system as soon as possible
And manage risks wisely.

Besides making more money, you can sleep a whole night quietly,
Provided you do not have small children


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Simple Ways to Save Heat in Our Homes and Apartments – Financial Portal http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/14/simple-ways-to-save-heat-in-our-homes-and-apartments-financial-portal/ http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/14/simple-ways-to-save-heat-in-our-homes-and-apartments-financial-portal/#respond Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:16:30 +0000 http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/14/simple-ways-to-save-heat-in-our-homes-and-apartments-financial-portal/

Winter is coming, and we will be forced to heat our houses or flats. As you can guess, raising the room temperature is a considerable expense for us. It is worth doing everything to save heat, and what is related to it, to pay smaller bills.

Many people think that when we live in new, often insulated buildings, we can not save heat. Meanwhile, this is not true and we can still look for ways to pay less for our bills. As you can guess, the most heat will be lost when there is direct contact between our rooms and the “outside world”. Of course, we are not talking about holes in the walls, because we probably never meet with them. This is primarily about any leaks, especially in our windows and doors. It is through such leaks that we lose the most heat and money. Therefore, if our windows are old, why not think about replacing them? Of course, this involves costs, but in the long run, these costs will certainly be refunded to us, because we will pay lower heating bills. The windows can also be “sealed” thanks to the installation of shutters, which we will close at night when the temperature drops the most.

The airing of individual rooms is also a significant issue. It’s best to do it with the radiators turned off. Weathering should be “intense”, i.e. we open windows and provide air in large quantities, but for a short period of time. It makes no sense to keep the window a few centimeters away for an hour, because then the warm air from our rooms will escape outside.

We should know that the ideal temperature for our health is 21 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there is no sense in raising it beyond this level, because firstly it will not positively affect our body, and secondly it will be associated with higher costs, because our radiators will need more energy to meet our requirements . And as you know, energy costs. It is also worth to supply these radiators with thermostats. We can then regulate the temperature in individual rooms and if we stay rare in any of them, we can slightly “turn” the radiator in it.

Of course, the type of radiators and their location are also extremely important. New plate radiators, they do not have much water, so you can heat it up faster, which makes the savings on the energy consumed are very large. Also in this case, it is worth considering whether replacing old radiators with new ones will not be profitable for us. The placement of radiators is also extremely important in terms of costs. They work best in places where the greatest heat losses occur. They should therefore be mounted on external walls and under windows. According to specialists, installing a heater on the inner wall reduces its performance by 10%, which is a large loss on a yearly basis, which translates into a specific amount on our accounts.


As you can easily guess, a lot of heat energy “worked out” by the radiator will be lost when we set it down with some piece of furniture or long curtains. Losses can reach up to 20% here. Behind the radiators, it is also worth installing reflector screens, thanks to which we can save up to 4% of energy. An important thing in heating is also maintaining adequate humidity in the rooms. The lower it is, the easier it is to warm the room. And let’s not forget about revealing curtains on sunny days. In this way, we will be able to use the free solar energy a bit.

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HOW TO RECOVER CREDIT& SAY GOODBYE TO BAD DEBTS? http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/01/how-to-recover-credit-say-goodbye-to-bad-debts/ http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/01/how-to-recover-credit-say-goodbye-to-bad-debts/#respond Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:26:03 +0000 http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/03/01/how-to-recover-credit-say-goodbye-to-bad-debts/





How to recover “credit” say goodbye to bad debts?



  • “Stick to a credit bureau” or “stick to blacklist”, a familiar word that is often heard for financial transactions with financial institutions Especially in terms of credit In fact, these two words are different. Which many people still misunderstand
  • Credit Bureau is the only company that collects information about requests and payments for loans. Whether it is a good or bad payment Did not arrange or store blacklist information in any way
  • “The four feet are still missing. The wise man also knows. “Salary man would be wrong. But every problem has always a solution for fixing and rebuilding good credit

Phi Thui believes that sticking to “credit” or “sticking blacklist” is often the word we hear often. That is one of the main reasons for being denied credit Whether it is a loan, buying a house, buying a car or not approving a credit card An explanation over at http://lamassanacomic.com

For the salaryman, getting credit or financial products such as “credit cards” is a good help in managing money. But if we have a bad financial history Who will dare to lend us money? Thus the ability or opportunity to receive benefits in this part will be reduced But Tui thinks that there are still many people who are still misunderstood about the word “Stick to the credit bureau” or “stick to the list”

And what is the “credit” bureau ?

And what is the "credit" bureau ?

Credit Bureau is a company that collects credit information from many financial institutions that are members. As simple as “Basket collecting credit information or payment history of individuals and juristic persons” by showing a list of all payment history which may be both good and bad. In fact, the credit bureaus do not have the word “blacklist” or “blacklist”, but only the payment history. And even if the debt has been closed But the outstanding information will remain for 3 years or 36 months.

Oops! Blacklist, then what is it?  

Oops! Blacklist, then what is it?  

Actually, Tui would like to say that sticking “Blacklist” is a long history of unpaid persons. And cannot pay as scheduled and released as bad debt Including those who do not pay debts and are sued by the financial institution When there is a history of continuous payment Would show the status of the risk that the debt will be bad debt Because overdue contact for too long shows no responsibility and reflects financial problems And of course, the power to make direct lending decisions is “financial institutions” depending on the terms and conditions of that financial institution.

For Thui himself, and of course, people need to have a beautiful financial history. But one day we missed So what do we do? In order to solve and create our new financial history And which today, Thui hyung has a way to tell To salvage credit and be able to make financial transactions with financial institutions

Method 1 is to pay all outstanding debt before

Method 1 is to pay all outstanding debt before

First, Thui suggested that we have to pay all outstanding debt Pay all debts back to normal. (There is no outstanding balance) may be required to use a lump sum, such as bonus money, accumulation funds, or may need to sell assets to use the money to close the debt. But what Thui would like to warn is that he should not do the most. Borrowing a new debt to pay or to pay off the old debt This will not end the debt.

If for anyone with multiple debts Or owe many credit cards, “Payment plan”, Tui hyung is an important thing to do Because the debt must be assessed to see how each debt looks like What should I pay first? What should I pay later? Any debt with high interest or compound interest, compounding Should increase the payment amount in each period to make the debt run out faster

Method 2 is to adjust the repayment structure. (Compromise)


But if you feel that you can’t pay all The next method, Thui, suggested to adjust the debt repayment structure or make a compromise. Which is to talk to clarify the reasons and problems to the financial institution or creditor directly This way, Thui hyung thinks it is another option to help solve the problem well. There are many forms of negotiation for waiver. Which may be a request to reduce some debt amount Requesting a normal rate of interest when there is no default Requesting a penalty payment reduction, default payment or various fees Or will be requested to increase the repayment period. For example, when we are unable to pay the debt as scheduled and after entering into a negotiation with the creditor And have made an agreement to extend the installment period for another 5 years or 10 years, including a plan for the exact payment Which the longer time also reduces the amount of installment payment per installment Which we do like Thui Pi that will help reduce the pressure of payment In addition, it also represents a good intention in our intentions and efforts to pay off debt.

And we have to create a new good financial discipline when the outstanding debt is already paid By paying the debt on schedule, not guilty to pay the debt again To create a new payment history data that will be collected and recorded in the credit bureau Because of unpaid contact that reflects responsibility and shows that we have no financial problems Causing financial institutions that we have good payment ability Which will be beneficial for applying for a loan in the future

More suggestions

More suggestions

Thui Pee has more suggestions. Is a good practice to prevent the risk of bad debt Or is the cause of having a bad financial history Phi Thui said that the first thing is Be careful when creating debt. Don’t make unnecessary debt and create a debt to spend extravagantly. Especially credit card debt that is so easy to swipe In addition, must know the meanings Must consider the income and expenses in each month in order to avoid excessive debt and interest expenses per month Until the income is not enough to cover the expenses that are necessary in daily life and debt, then will find that Phi Thui is not warned

In addition, there should be savings. Or allocate an advance for use as an emergency reserve in order to reduce the chances of creating debt and interest burden And Phi Thui that the most important thing is Payment of debt to meet the deadline Because of the delay in payment for each period will come with enormous interest Which is a catalyst for bad debts

Phi Thui would like everyone to keep their financial status and maintain their financial liquidity. For good financial health Do not trap the financial liquidity beyond the ability to pay installments. Before the situation has passed until the financial history is broken Will not have to come to a headache to waste time to solve and lose financial opportunities at the same time.

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Fast Mobile Investment Transactions – Loans http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/23/fast-mobile-investment-transactions-loans/ http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/23/fast-mobile-investment-transactions-loans/#respond Sat, 23 Feb 2019 16:45:41 +0000 http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/23/fast-mobile-investment-transactions-loans/

Now time is money, each of us depends on time. We live in the age of the Internet and the technological boom. There is no one in the world who does not want to multiply their savings. The Vestle mobile application facilitates this process through fast and convenient investing. The platform offers access to the instruments offered by the broker as well as a number of additional tools that allow for a more detailed analysis.

The oldest investors remember the times when you could only invest on the stock exchange, and multiplying your funds through the global network were unthinkable. Since we use the Internet more and more often with the help of a telephone, not a computer, it is worth having a look at the mobile capabilities that can facilitate investing. One of the most popular mobile applications is the one from Vestle. Apka allows us to register with a broker and allows us to start the adventure with multiplying money. For the basic question why we increasingly focus on mobile applications that allow us to handle our money, the answer is simple. Mianowice 10 years ago was unthinkable that the computer would be replaced by the tablet, let alone by a mobile phone. Nowadays, phones replace us with computers, while having all its capabilities. We have Internet access everywhere, internet packages, access to free Wi-Fi. Thanks to the applications available on most cellular systems, we can bank and invest. The times in which to make a transfer or invest money, standing sometimes in a few hours queues have already passed. As we have mentioned before, time is money, and we live in a hurry. Applications like Vestle allow us 24/7 access to our portfolios, we can see what is happening in the investment world. Traveling, for example, by train, we can check the status of our account, invest funds in funds, shares, bonds or the most famous cryptocurrencies. The possibility of investing through a tablet or mobile phone also means transparency, we can see all changes on a regular basis, we have shared calculators, course tables, etc. Thanks to mobile applications, we can check quotes, transfer funds to a bank account or withdraw your savings in case of risk.


Speaking of risk, actually installing any application, we must be sure that this is the program we care about, and not some counterfeit version. Banks and investment brokers, including Vestle, warn us every now and then that you should not install an application that we are not sure about. Just go to the official website of the company and look for the application, then we will be redirected to the appropriate resource. Then we are sure that the program comes directly from the manufacturer and it is not a threat to us in the form of losing funds.

Financial brokers like me Vestle must keep up with the times to continue to develop and not lose customers. The development of technology has made us a “comfortable” society, we want to have access to the things we care about right here and now. Young people are not used to queuing. Research shows that more and more often we invest in the morning coffee while sitting comfortably in an armchair. As we mentioned earlier, we value time and we do not like it when a company does not value our time and does not respect it. Thanks to modern technological solutions, we are potentially exposed to greater risk, but it is only statistics. It is known that when it comes to money we are cautious by nature and there is probably no one in the world who would install the application and give their login details without being 100% sure that they will not lose their money.


The materials contained in this document have not been created by Vestle but by an independent third party and should not be understood in any way, directly or indirectly, as investment advice, recommendations or investment strategy suggestions in relation to financial instruments in any way. Any indication of past results or simulation of past performance in this document are not indicative of future results. CFDs are complex instruments and involve a high risk of losing funds quickly, through financial leverage. 88% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs with Vestle. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford a high risk of losing money. 

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The capital requirement in the business plan: How is your start-up financed? http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/15/the-capital-requirement-in-the-business-plan-how-is-your-start-up-financed/ http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/15/the-capital-requirement-in-the-business-plan-how-is-your-start-up-financed/#respond Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:20:54 +0000 http://www.hit-logo-klingelton.com/2019/02/15/the-capital-requirement-in-the-business-plan-how-is-your-start-up-financed/


One of the most important questions your business plan answers is how much money do you need for your startup and where should it come from? That’s what you explain to your readers under the headline Capital Requirements and Financing .

It is important to determine your capital requirements as accurately as possible. If you estimate it too low, you can run out of money halfway and you’ll end up in financial trouble, even if your business is on the right track. If you calculate the capital requirement too much, you unnecessarily burden yourself with high interest rates.

If in doubt, however: Dear too much, too little. It’s easier to give back a loan that you do not need than later to refinance (it’s even ruled out for many public subsidies).

How accurate your capital requirements plan will be depends on how well you’ve worked in forecasting your sales and liquidity planning, and how well you know your spending. Because all these numbers are included in the calculation of capital requirements. If, for example, you judge your sales too optimistic in the beginning, which unfortunately happens to many founders, you have a problem later: your money is then not enough to bridge this time.


This is how the need for capital comes together

To estimate how much money you need to start up, you need to know how much

  • your start-up costs ,
  • your investments
  • the capital requirements in the start-up phase and
  • your liquidity reserve

will fail. When you count these items together, you know the total capital needed for your creation. But what exactly is behind it?

1. The founding costs

1. The founding costs

The start-up costs include everything you spend in the months leading up to the foundation to help you get started in the business of self-employment. Typical start-up costs are notary and consulting fees, license fees, brokerage fees or training costs.

If you write your business plan with , for example, you can later claim tax on the user fees as start-up costs.

2. Investments

2. Investments

Different from the start-up costs are the investments, ie the money you put into machines, computers or the equipment of your business premises, before you can start your business.

The biggest investments usually have to be made in the beginning. A good business plan, however, is characterized by the fact that it also considers later stages of growth, especially if these are to be expected within the first three years.

If it is foreseeable that you will invest again in the time your business plan applies, you should explain that in your plan and have an idea of ​​where that money should come from.

3. Capital requirements in the start-up phase

3. Capital requirements in the start-up phase

Many founders are down in the first few months. This is normal and not necessarily a sign that your business idea is not working. For some it takes until their offer has spread and they have gained enough customers. Others are busy first with the acquisition, then with the processing of their orders and only then can make their first bills. This can take months until the first money goes into your account. Still, they have to pay their rent, pay their staff – and of course they have to live on something.

In this time, it is zuzuluttert – whether from their own savings or debt. If you have described in your business plan how your sales and liquidity will develop after the start and how high your monthly operating costs will be, you can figure out how much money you need to make up for the shortfall and get through the start-up phase.

Los racing and stumble directly over the first hurdle? This does not happen to you with a well planned financial reserve.

4. Prepared for everything: A buffer for the unforeseen

In addition, you should reserve a reserve for unplanned expenses. In a company can not plan everything. It can happen over and over again that your income decreases at times or your expenditure rises – it is, because a machine fails, because you must wait longer for the money of a client, because in the summer holidays the customers stay away or the tax office demands a hefty tax demand. With sufficient liquidity reserves you are prepared for cases like these.


Thorough planning is a must for founders – always

Thorough planning is a must for founders - always

Even if you only need a little money to start your own business and your own savings or a loan from the family are sufficient, you should create a capital requirement plan! Otherwise it can happen that the money is not enough and you have to put on a quick financing later on the legs. It is too late for many public support programs, as they can only be used for projects that have not yet started. Apart from that, it gives you and your private backers a good feeling knowing what you’ve agreed to do together.

Incidentally, the capital requirements calculation is the prerequisite for your profitability forecast . After all, it’s not just about being able to pay the running costs one day. Your company will not be a real financial success until your loans are repaid or possible.


The financing

The financing

Once the capital requirement you have calculated exceeds your equity, you need financing . In Germany, most start-ups are financed through a classic bank loan. In addition, there are public subsidies with which the state would like to help founders to start their own business.

These funding programs have very different priorities: some aim at promoting start-ups, others at projects with low capital requirements. Some are specific to certain industries, others are regional. Some include grants that do not have to be repaid, others provide a guarantee to increase the collateral of the founder and pave the way for greater bank financing.

Find out if there is a suitable program for starting your business. Your house bank can advise you. You can also contact directly the funding agencies such as KfW or a start-up consultancy in your city.


Excursus: The start-up grant

Excursus: The start-up grant

A special form of state business start-up support is the start-up grant . It makes it easier for people to become self-employed out of unemployment.

Only founders who are still entitled to unemployment benefit 1 of at least 150 days can apply. If this promotion is for you, you should not lose any time!

Prerequisite for the start-up grant is that you submit a business plan and the opinion of a competent body to the responsible employment agency, which confirms the viability of starting your business. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Chambers of Crafts, start-up centers or even banks and savings banks are recognized as expert bodies.

Your business plan should show that you can end your unemployment with your business idea and secure your own long-term existence. At the same time, it should be apparent from the numbers that support is needed during the start-up phase because your revenue is not yet enough to cover operating expenses and your living expenses. If your company is profitable from the very first day on, the employees of the employment agency will ask themselves what you need at all a debt in the form of a public subsidy.

Among the more than 30 business plans that we provide to users of as a template are several that have led to the granting of the start-up grant. One of them is the business plan for a communication consultancy. The founder makes it clear that she can cover the total capital requirement for her company in the amount of approx. 22,000 euros only partly from own and external funds. The missing capital wants to finance it through the start-up subsidy. She writes: “The determination of the capital requirement shows that the foundation only has the necessary financial resources if a current account credit (€ 10,000) is used and the employment agency participates with a start-up grant.”

In order to increase your chance of being supported by the start-up grant, we have specially prepared a sample business plan for this purpose. When you use it to create your business plan, you will receive tips on each chapter to get the start-up grant.


How much equity do you need?

How much equity do you need?

It is always good if, like our role model founder, you can cover part of your capital requirements with your own funds. On the one hand you lower your interest burden and on the other hand the risk for your financiers – because in case of loss you have to believe in your savings first. At the same time, using equity capital proves that you are convinced of your own business idea, and you feel that your financiers feel that you are doing everything for the success of your business.

In general, an equity stake of 20 to 25 percent is a prerequisite to get financing – especially if it is a bank loan. But there are also foundations that have been funded with 0 percent equity. That depends, among other things, on the business idea.


Increase the equity ratio with contributions in kind

Increase the equity ratio with contributions in kind

What many do not know: Even contributions in kind , which you bring in your business start-up, can be counted as equity. This can certainly be significant, especially for companies with manageable capital requirements. In our example of communication consulting, the founder brings her already existing computer, a printer and a camera into the foundation. This adds up to a value of 820 euros, which is added to its equity.

At you can insert each contribution in kind with its value individually. Then use our calculation aid for depreciation to simply select the period over which the respective contribution in kind is to be amortized (for computers, generally a useful life of three years, for shelves or other office furniture from eight to thirteen years is used).


The key figure check

You now know how much money you need to put into your business in the first few years and how much you can raise from that amount from your own resources and have described both in your business plan. What you’re missing is funding for the amount that is still open.

Before you go out to win money with your business plan, we advise you to take a close look at it again. You can check whether the numbers are more likely to upset or exasperate your bank accountants. Your key data in the business plan automatically calculates key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluates them from the point of view of potential financiers.

If the KPI traffic light turns green, it means: All right, your backers will be thrilled. Orange means: Attention – at this point, your backers will surely have some questions. Provide convincing reasons why your company is still a success. Red, on the other hand, signals to you: Stop! Here you have to go again – also in your own interest.


Your house bank as a partner by your side

Your house bank as a partner by your side

As soon as the key figures are correct and the business plan is ready, the next step is on your way to becoming self-employed: the bank conversation. Prepare yourself thoroughly. Not only do your funders want to know everything about your business idea, they also want to see if you have what it takes to implement it. Show them through a confident demeanor that you believe in your idea, that you know what you’re getting into, and that you’re ready to do anything to make them succeed.

It’s best to practice the presentation a few times with joy or with the mirror, so that it runs smoothly over your lips. Your lecture should be easy to understand and not longer than 10 minutes. Helpful is a graphical overview that reveals at a glance the central relationships of your founding. How about bringing a business model canvas to the bank conversation? With our digital SmartCanvas tool , it’s easy to visualize your business idea in this way.

At the end of your presentation, you should name the capital requirement and clearly state what you want from your counterpart, for example, “For the implementation of my business idea, I need from you a loan in the amount of xy Euro. The money will be used to finance operating costs in the initial phase and for investment. “

In the ensuing discussion, it will be all about whether your idea is marketable: why do you think people will buy your offer? The more evidence you provide for this assumption, the better. First sales or orders are the best proof. But resonating with a homepage or talking to potential customers can also provide convincing evidence that there is a market for your product.


These documents want to see your financiers

For your bank conversation, you should take the following documents:

  • Your business plan including attachment (even if you have already sent it to your house bank)
  • Evidence of your equity and the collateral you provide to your lender (bank statements, securities account statements, etc.)
  • A current Schufa information
  • Possibly. a business model canvas

In addition, a prototype of your product or a short video can not hurt – especially if your business idea is very unusual. Check with your bank before, what is usual there or desired.


Well planned is half won

With a convincing business plan and good preparation, chances are good that you will get funding to start your business. supports you in a variety of ways: the business plans of real founders, all of which have led to successful financing, serve as a template and source of inspiration, our digital assistants make it easier for you to calculate in the financial section, in the lexicon you can read central terms and the key figure check says you, whether your business plan is already ready for financing or should be revised.


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The new Marciano agreement tries to give new vigor to the credit market. The institute, amended by the Banks decree, stands out for the definition of the methods for estimating the asset subject to the agreement at the time of the debtor’s default, for a precise setting of the conditions that determine the default of the debt and for the establishment of a procedure dedicated to ascertaining the occurrence of the condition precedent with consequent definitive transfer of the asset to the creditor. The institute is completed by a series of legal and anti-abuse guarantees and the prohibition of using the agreement for assets used as a principal residence. The concept of “principal residence” referred to in the rule remains to be clarified and the effects in the event of subsequent assignment of the asset to the separated or divorced spouse.

The success of a credit investigation, and therefore the possibility of obtaining a loan, depends on two factors: the possibility that the debtor is able to generate liquidity flows and the extent and quality of the guarantees given.

Until a recent past, real estate collateral was considered among the best because there was a dynamic market for such assets that allowed it to be easily transformed into money. Currently, however, given the stagnation of the sector, the time required for the sale of properties has significantly reduced the appeal of these guarantees.

To tell the truth, previously there was the awareness that to sell a property it was necessary to wait a short period of time and, for this reason, the credit institutions have always entered mortgages for values ​​higher than those of the guaranteed credit.

In an attempt to give greater prominence to the guarantees constituted by real estate, the Banks Decree gave a detailed legal status to the Marciano agreement, a contract in which the debt is guaranteed by the transfer to the creditor of a property or another real estate right, owned by the debtor or of a third party, suspensively conditioned by the debtor’s breach.

The new art. 48-bis of Legislative Decree 385/93 contains in fact a detailed discipline of the procedures for the constitution and execution of such agreements.


Definition of march pact

Definition of march pact

The Marciano pact is a contract by which, against the granting of a loan, the debtor assigns a specific property to the creditor with a suspensive condition. If the loan is regularly honored, the condition precedent is not fulfilled and the asset becomes the property of the debtor, in the event of default, the transfer of the asset to the creditor is concluded.

However, a more careful reading of the standard reveals a whole series of facets that make this contract far more complex and interesting than the simplified description provided above.


Property value on the date of the default


To begin with, with the March agreement the fact is taken into account that the property, in the period between the stipulation of the contract and the occurrence of the debtor’s failure, could increase in value. If this happens, in fact, the creditor is required to pay the debtor the difference between this value and the sum of the defaulted debt and the cost of transferring the asset.

In a stagnant real estate market, this offers a number of advantages for both the creditor and the debtor. The first avoids the costs, the delays and the uncertainties of the ordinary executive procedures by entering the property promptly and then selling it or managing it comfortably on its own.

The debtor has the opportunity to get rid of his debt or to collect a sum in cash where the value of his asset is estimated to be higher than the value of the unfulfilled debt, which is an easy occurrence if the default occurs after the repayment of a certain share of the debt.

If, on the other hand, the reference market is more “lively”, and the value of the property is growing, the debtor could easily find an investor willing to provide him with the money needed to honor his debt and sell the asset directly, making money on the greater market price.

The rule says nothing for the case in which the value of the asset at the time of the default should be less than the sum of the defaulted debt and the costs of transferring the asset but it is obvious that in this circumstance the debt will remain unfulfilled for this difference.

It is evident that the “balance point” of these choices lies in the correct assessment of the value of the property on the date on which the breach occurs and, precisely for this reason, the law remits the determination to an expert appointed by the Court of place where the property is located.

Once the commercial value of the property is known, the debtor is in a position to make the best choices and therefore not passively suffer the effects of the Marciano agreement.


Guarantees of legitimacy and anti-abuse

Guarantees of legitimacy and anti-abuse

To protect compliance with the rules governing it, it is mandatory to use the notarial deed for the stipulation of the agreement, both when the loan contract is concluded and in the case of a condition added to pre-existing contracts and for the deed that certifies the fulfillment of the condition precedent with consequent transfer of the asset to the creditor.

Against possible abuses of this legal instrument, the rule requires that the creditor can only be a bank or other subject authorized to grant loans to the public pursuant to art. 106, Legislative Decree 385/93 and that the debtor must be an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, the agreement cannot have as its object the property used as the principal residence of the owner, spouse or relatives of the same by the 3rd degree.

This aspect presents, in the opinion of the writer, some unclear points. First of all, the standard does not give a definition of a principal residence. The term, which already has different meanings in the field of taxation, should be better specified so as to allow an exact identification of which building is used by the debtor as a principal residence, excluding its usability for a possible Marciano pact.

Nothing is specified for the case in which the property is used as a main residence after the stipulation of the agreement. In fact, the limit seems to operate only when the contract is stipulated and therefore any subsequent payments should have no effect on the validity of the agreement.

Moreover, a different interpretation would make it easy to “deactivate” the effects of the breach by preventing the transfer of the asset to the creditor: it would be enough, in fact, to use the object of the agreement as the principal residence as soon as you realize that you are no longer able to repay. the loan.

But if this interpretation seems unexceptionable when it comes to the debtor’s assets, problems can arise where the property is used as the principal residence of the spouse of the same, given that this can happen, at the time of separation or divorce, due to a provision of the judicial authority.

Thus there would be a paradox in which, due to the effect of the pact, the goods would be transferred to the creditor who, however, could not acquire possession of them, since the same was assigned in use to the debtor’s spouse, which would inevitably reduce its value in case of sale.

The distorted uses (eg false separations of the spouses) that such an interpretation could lead to are easily imaginable. Nor does it seem that specific additional clauses included in the contract with which the Marciano pact is stipulated are admissible on this point (eg bans on the possibility of assigning the property to the principal residence of the debtor, spouse or his relatives and relatives by the 3rd degree after the signing of the agreement).


When the breach occurs

The rule solves the problem of identifying the moment in which the debtor deems himself to be defaulting, thus avoiding that disputes arise regarding the advantage of the expeditious procedure.

Paragraph 5 of the art. 48-bis, establishes, in fact, that there is non-fulfillment in case of non-payment extended for more than 9 months from the deadline:

1) at least 3 installments, even if not consecutive, if the loan provides for repayment in monthly installments;

2) even of one installment only, when the repayment includes installments of more than one month (eg six-monthly);

3) of the repayment envisaged by the loan agreement, when there is no repayment in installments.

However, if on the expiry date of the first installment, even if not monthly, the debtor has already repaid the loan received at least equal to 85% of the principal, the default period is elevated from 9 to 12 months.


The “visibility” of the pact

Considering the effects of the agreement for the debtor, it is clear the importance that the knowledge of the same by third parties assumes.

To this they provide a series of rules (eg art. 48-bis, c. 9) which require registration in the land registry:

– of the pact marciano at the time of stipulation:

– the occurrence of the suspensive condition that involves the transfer of the asset to the creditor;

– cancellation of the agreement if the debtor regularly reimburses the loan.

On the contrary, the procedure that leads to the fulfillment of the suspensive condition and therefore the transfer of the asset to the creditor does not require any external publicity.

The creditor, upon the occurrence of the breach:

1) notification to the debtor or, if different, to the holder of the real estate right, as well as to those who have rights deriving from the registered or transcribed title on the property, a declaration of wanting to make use of the effects of the agreement specifying the amount of the credit for which proceeds;

2) after 60 days, the creditor asks the president of the Court of the place where the property is located for the appointment of an expert to estimate, with a sworn report, the real estate right object of the agreement;

3) the expert within 60 days of the appointment communicates, possibly via PEC, the sworn appraisal report to the debtor or, if different to the owner of the real estate right, to the creditor and to those who have rights deriving from title entered or transcribed on the property;

4) the recipients have 10 days to send notes to the expert who, within the next 10 days, makes a new communication taking into account these notes;

5) if the estimated value is greater than the sum of the default debt and the transfer costs, the creditor pays the debtor the difference on a bank account without charges;

6) otherwise, the suspensive condition is deemed to have been fulfilled by notifying the creditor of the estimated value of the asset;

7) the creditor, with notarial deed, proceeds to the cancellation of the suspensive condition completing the transfer of the asset. To this end, the creditor must produce an authentic extract of his accounting records.


Relations with other creditors

The 4th paragraph of the art. 48-bis, provides that if the loan is already secured by a mortgage, the pact marciano, once transcribed, shall prevail over the transcripts and registrations executed after the mortgage registration.

This may have the effect of discouraging such new transcripts and inscriptions, given the prevalence of the pact over them, but could make them convenient if the property in question presented a value higher than that of the debt claimed by the owner of the Marciano agreement. In this case, in fact, the other creditors could satisfy themselves on the sum liquidated by the Bank to the debtor following the fulfillment of the condition precedent.

For these reasons, if the property subject to the Marciano agreement is subjected to execution by another creditor (eg Equitalia), the ascertainment of the debtor’s breach against the bank, as well as the appointment of the appraiser for the estimate, are reserved for the execution judge and the bank is obliged to pay all the costs of the execution and the value of any credits with pre-emption rights prior to the Marciano agreement (art. 48-bis, c. 10).


Bare ownership and usufruct

Some reflections can be made regarding the usability of the Pact in relation to real estate rights other than full ownership.

In the case of usufruct, the value to be transferred varies according to the age of the holder of the right, decreasing as the latter increases because, with the death of the usufructuary, the possibility of economic exploitation of the law comes to an end.

In addition, the usufruct requires that the asset be “put to income” and therefore, as a rule, rented, which requires the bank to have a structure dedicated to the management of these assets.

From this point of view, the law appears to be provisional as it allows the transfer of the real estate right both to the creditor and to a company controlled by the same or the same associate or even simply authorized to purchase, hold, manage and transfer real property rights. In practice, banks can choose to have specific internal functions as well as to set up ad hoc companies or even to contact external parties.

Even the value of a bare ownership varies according to the age of the usufructuary but it does not have any management cost, not even tax and there is now a sufficiently evolved market to allow its marketability.

In essence, if you can afford to wait long enough to get a good price and if the property covered by the real estate law still has a value, there do not seem to be reasons against the stipulation of a Marciano pact having as its object those assets.



To conclude, the new institute seems to offer good opportunities for credit institutions that want to grant loans secured by real estate, making it easier to sell and maximizing the possibility of credit recovery.

On the other hand, the exploitation of the Marciano pact cannot take place in the absence of structures specialized in the management of real estate and real estate rights that currently few banks have.

On the debtor side, the main advantage would seem to be to allow easier access to credit for those who own real estate, even if the impossibility of using the pact for those in their first homes could greatly limit their usability.


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